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Baking products / supplies in Bangalore

After returning from the US, I was wondering where to get all the baking supplies at Bangalore. There is no one place where I could get everything. Here are a few shops that I visited / found using Google. It was hard to google even. I would be searching for something and would end up finding something else.

IBCABLR. Institute of Baking and Cake Art
IBCA carries most of the things that u need for baking.
  • Cake pans
  • Bundt pans
  • Baking books
  • Silcon molds
  • Nozzles / Tips . I recently found that they have a tip set something that is similar to Wilton's master tipset.
  • Candles
  • Cake Gel
  • Isomalt
  • Baking powder
  • Baking Soda
  • Cream of Tartar
  • Unflavored Gelatin
  • Clear/White Vanilla Essence. (After finding that Wilton's Clear Vanilla extract is not pure and is just an artificial flavor, I thought why not give it a try. Turned out it isn't that bad. Just cut down the required amount a little in the recipes, and it is good to go for cakes n icing.)
  • Liquid Glucose (which can be substituted for Corn Syrup)
  • Piping bags Disposable and Reusable bags
  • Coupler
  • Canned fruits .Pineapple, blueberry, blackberry, cherry, strawberry, peaches
  • Orange peel
  • Lollipop sticks
  • Chocolate molds
  • Chocolates. Dark Chocolate(Has Sugar. So, cut down the sugar in icings or else its too sweet) , Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate
  • Edible silver beads
  • Colored sugar sprinkles
  • Cupcake covers
  • Muffin pans
  • Cake boards
  • Sugar flowers
  • Flavors. like pineapple, vanilla, butterscotch (Don't remember all of them)
  • Fondant - Order an hour before so they will get it ready. Also check the fondant then and there. I had a very bad batch on a big day!
  • Gumpaste
  • Icing colors / Paste colors
  • Edible photo printing
  • Airbrush colors and Airbrush kit
  • Weighing scale. Conventional and Digital(Got one! It measures in kilograms, grams, ounces. Love it!)
  • Skewers
  • Parchment paper
  • Food wrap
  • Food Mixer
  • Kenwood stand mixer
  • Icing Sugar
  • Self rising flour
  • Shortening and Margarine .They have like 4 varieties (cream shortening and then ones used for biscuits, puff margarine)
  • Glycerine
  • Piping gel
  • Whipping cream
  • Candy thermometer 
  • Hazelnut paste
  • Cake dummy
  • Dried Yeast
  •  Fruit squashes like Kiwi, strawberry
  • Fondant tools
  • Cake preservative
  • Arrowroot powder
  • Neutral mousse powder
  • Strawberry mousse powder 
  • Disco dust, luster dust 
  • Almond meal / powder
Hope I have covered most of the things. In case if I happen to see something else, will update. They are located at 46/3 Mission Road, Bangalore. Call their helping line @ 080 - 22106619 They do deliver but you need to pay for the transport cost / courier cost. **I had serious trouble with IBCABLR this week. I got products from them for my son's bday and had a very bad day. They gave me maida instead of self raising flour and the cakes that I baked got harder after cooling! It was the night before the party and I couldn't do much about it! I just warmed it in microwave and left the cake outside till I served. The fondant that I got from them was very dry and crumbling. There was no elasticity. My husband and I sat till 4am to knead it, but it was of no use. It was just breaking. Thankfully, I had the Wilton and Satin Ice Rolled Fondant that I got from US. We mixed them and tried to use. Even then the fondant wasn't sticking to Wilton's one! However I had to cover the cake with the same and the finish wasn't as good as I expected it to be! **

General Food Additives, Seshadripuram

They have almost all the items as in IBCA except that they are well organized. Here are some things that I found there

  • Cream cheese
  • Self raising flour
  • Cocoa powder
  • Vegetarian gelatin
  • Pillsbury cake mixes(bulk)
  • Fondant (Imported from Netherland. Very shiny and tasted good too!)
  • Nozzles
  • Pans
  • Spatulas
  • Richs whipped cream
  • Bourbon Vanilla extract ( they had a sample! not sure if they have in stock)
  • Cupcake liners
  • Hazelnut paste
  • Vegetable shortening
  • Glucose
  • Colors
  • Glaze
  • Gelatin
  • Vegetarian gelatin
  • Imported Chocolates
  • Fondant/gumpaste tools
  • All kinds of flavors
  • Piping bags
  • Baking pans
  • Hazelnut paste 
  • Disco dust, luster dust
  • Canned fruits 
  • Candy colors 
  • Edible Glitter
Location : 175/3, 1st Main, Seshadripuram  Bangalore, Karnataka 560020

080 23367878

New Arife Lamooulde , Koramangala, Bangalore

This store is my new savior with respect to distance since traveling to Seshadripuram from Electronic city is one hell of a ride. This store stocks almost all the products needed for baking and cake decoration

I might forget to put few items on the list. Please do call them just to make sure they have it in stock! Very friendly staff... And yeah, they do deliver in Bangalore for 200 bucks!

Here goes my list
  • Blue bird Maida
  • Blue Bird Corn Flour
  • Blue Bird Self Raising Flour
  • Margarine
  • Gelatine
  • Cake Pre-Mixes
  • Whipped Cream
  • DLecta Cream Cheese
  • Canned fruits
  • Pie fillings
  • Glazes
  • Americolor Icing colors
  • Belgium Chocolate Flavors
  • Color Spray
  • LorAnne Oils/Flavors
  • Candy Flavors
  • Morde, Purato, 2M, Cacao Ivory Chocolate bars
  • Callebaut dark and white Callets
  • All kind of silicone moulds for cake decorating
  • Sugar Lace Mix
  • Fondant - Fonda Frost, Vizyon of various colors
  • Tylose
  • Sugar Lace moulds
  • CAke boards
  • Boxes / Carriers
  • Beautiful Stands
  • Acrylic plates
  • Cupcake boxes
  • Fondant Mat
  • Icing Sugar
  • Caramel filling
  • Butterscotch
  • Dried Fruits
  • Almond meal
  • Coconut Dried
  • Air brush kit
  • Various cake tins
  • Piping  nozzles n Bags
  • Cupcake sprinkles
  • Metallic paints
  • Isomalat
  • Wilton Meringue powder
  • Thick cake bases
Address : No.227, 1st Main, 7th Block, Koramangala 7th Block, Bangalore - 560095, Behind Bosch Gate
Contact : +91 9611238222,+(91)-9611238222
  • Pure Vanilla Extract
  • Vanilla Pods
Am planning to visit this place soon, as I am in bad need of a good vanilla flavor This place is located at #74,3rd floor, Shankara Arcade, Vani vilas Road, Basavanagudi, Bangalore.

R B Mangharam Foods Limited
I was looking for chocolate transfer sheets and found out this store. They have a wide variety of molds. They have the Silicon cake molds, Cute cookie cutters and lot more! This store would be quite useful for someone interested in chocolate.
  • Praline Moulds RB Series, RA Series, MA Series, RM Series, Assortments , Kids Korner
  • Economy Moulds Valentine Hearts Lollipops Slab Moulds Bar Moulds
  • Special Moulds : Dessert Cups Personalised Moulds Silicon Moulds Polymoulds
  • Hollow Figurine Moulds : Christmas Collection Santa Moulds Easter Collection Easter Eggs Fill 'em Up !
  • Celebration Moulds Novelties Animals
  • Machines Kitchen Aid Mixers, Coffee Grinders, ChocoMan Two Cute Chocolate Packaging Texture Sheets for Chocolate
  • Bakery Moulds : Cake Moulds Muffin Moulds Cake Stand Moulds Cookie Cutter Moulds

Yes, they do have 3 models of Kitchen Aid mixer. I was searching for kitchen aid mixer at Bangalore desperately and ordered them from Delhi at CCDC which is on its way!(I got it now and am happily baking! Love Kitchen Aid!) I wonder why I wasn't able to find this website during that time. Here is the link for the kitchen aid mixer!
This store is located at # 322, 4th Phase, Peenya Industrial Area, Bangalore - 560058

Danny's Chocolates
  • Buttercups, Metallic finish trays, baking trays
  • Piping bags
  • Dark chocolate - Barry, Callebaut, Sicao slabs Bitter chocolates and Extra bitter Chocolate chips Flavoured chocolates Callebaut - Strawberry , Crisp Pearls (Dark and White)
  • Truffle Shells Fillings - Hazelnut, Caramel and Coffee fillings
  • Gift boxes and PVC boxes
  • Chocolate transfer sheets 
  • Cute cupcake liners that can be baked in
  • Liquid colors and Extracts
They are located at #79, 16th Cross, 4th Phase, J.P Nagar, Bangalore-560078 . I got myself a big compound of Belgium dark chocolate. Tastes great with less sugar. Will be great to make chocolates!

SPAR , Koramangala
They had wide variety of cheese. I found out that they carry cream cheese. Was great relief as I was wondering wat to pair with my red velvet cake, my hubby's favorite! Got Brittania cream cheese and Happy Cow Cheese (Cream). Made cream cheese frosting for the red velevet cake I prepared! That was YUMMMMMMMMMMMMM! Also they have
  • Redi Whipping cream
  • Heavy cream
  • White Whipping cream and Chocolate whipping cream sold in loose. It has added sugar n flavor.
  • Vanilla Beans (bit costlier compared to Indus Herbs but they were longer)
They had Mascarpone and Sour Cream. (Those 2 were missing when I last visited!)

Fatima Bakery
I was on my way from Malleswaram after delivering a cake when I happened to drop at the store. They had more groceries compared to bakery items. Some items that I found their shop were
  • Whipping cream
  • Chocolate chips
  • Chocolate sprinkles, colored ones as well
  • Citric acid
  • Baking powder
  • Chocolate syrup, butterscotch syrup
  • Canned cherries, pineapple, mango and some fruits which i don't remember now
  • Cake mix
They are located at Hosur Road, Richmond Town, Bangalore

Food World, Koramangala
They had the Betty Crocker Cake Mixes and Ready to whip Icings.

Nilgiris, Brigade Road
  • Flavor. They had lots n lots of clear flavors and oils.
    I got quite a few bottles for myself.
    Few of them that I remember at the top of my head - Clear Vanilla flavor/essence, Clear pineapple flavor, clear raspberry flavor, clear banana flavor, clear strawberry flavor, mint flavor. They also had various aroma oils and colors.
  • Philadelphia Cream Cheese I felt it was too costly compared to Brittania cream Cheese
  • Whipping cream
  • Fresh cream
  • Gelatine powder
  • Sugars Icing Sugar , brown sugar, muscavado
  • Golden Syrup I asked for Corn syrup and they gave me this. I didn't buy it since I have never used that before
  • Betty Crocker Brownie Mix
  • Cake Mixes They also had Cooker Cake Mix. Someone without an oven can try that
  • Marshmallows
  • Citric Acid Crystals
    They also had lot more small packs with chemical names, which I dont even remember at this time.
    There was a fruit store outside the Nilgiris, which carried fresh Peaches, Strawberries, blueberries

More, Forum mall, Koramangala
Marshmallows Found it at last. Gonna make rice krispies soon!

Godrej Nature's Basket,  Koramangala

Found huge varieties of cheese here

  • Cream cheese
  • Mascarpone
  • Feta cheese
  • Goat cheese
  • Rice krispies
  • Marshmallows
  • Sea salt
  • Fruit Preserves
  • Canned fruits
They are located at CMH Road, Richmond Town and  Whitefield as well.

Online shops that carry baking and cake decorating products, India


  • Light Brown Sugar
  • Dark Brown sugar
  • Demerara sugar
  • Corn syrup
  • Gluten free cake mixes (Vanilla and chocolate)
  • Gluten free self raising flour
  • Gluten free natural egg replacer
  • Golden syrup
  • Baking pans includes some of Wilton pans (Lightning Mcqueen, Tasty fill min cake pan)
  • Wilton 3 tier cooling rack
  • silicone molds

Also if you are looking for products from US like food color, books, bakeware, edible markers, pans, please have a look at


They carry almost all of the cake decorating products
  • Wilton products
  • Edible colors
  • Fondant tools
  • Cookie cutters
  • Cupcake liners
  • Cake stand
  • Measuring cups /spoons
  • Molds
  • Chocolate transfer sheets 
and a lot more.

They deliver all over India

CCDS, Delhi

They have all that you need for baking and cake decorating!
  • Wilton products
  • Silicone moulds
  • Bakeware
  • Gum Tex
  • Satin Ice Rolled Fondant
  • Cookie Cutters
  • Fondant cutters
  • Meringue powder
  • Reusable piping bags
  • Gel colors
  • Liquid Glucose
  • Chocolate moulds and transfer sheets
  • All Wilton piping tips/nozzles
  • Vegetarian Royal Icing

They deliver all over India.( I got my Kitchenaid from them)


  • Light/Dark/Light soft Brown sugar 
  • Caster sugar
  • Satin ice rolled fondant
  • LorAnn flavoring oils
  • Cake decorating stuff like jimmies, sparkles, pearls, glitter
  • Disco dust
  • Gel colors
  • Golden syrup
  • Natural egg replacer

I was desperately looking for Wilton products in India and came across this website. I talked to them. They sell the tips and most of the Wilton products including pans, cookie cutters, Icing colors, sparkles, toppers, fondant , gumpaste tools, glycerin, etc, etc.,


Gourmet Supplies
5 Rose Lane,Richmond town, Bangalore, India 560025 


Anonymous said...


How much would a kitchen aid cost in blore? tia!

Anonymous said...


How much does a KitchenAid stand mixer cost in India?

Mekala Ashokkumar said...

I got it for like 33k+shipping

Ash said...

You can find more or less every possible baking ingredient at this place -

I have been going there for a while now and the place has never disapointed me! :)

mahesh said...

I actually enjoyed reading through this posting. Many thanks.
Bakery Equipment

Sarita Gupta said...

Another great store is Gourmet in Indiranagar can get loads of stuff like sushi wrappers ,different sauces ,Tahini,sesame oil,rice sticks,Rice wrappers at this store ...a must visit for all food lovers

Sarita said...

Hi Mekala ,
There are a lot of stores in BVK Iyengar Road for bakery supplies which are very very reasonable for Gelatine,essence,food colours choco chips,Custard Powder ,castor sugar,Cake improvers .To name some Aerators,Berry's essence etc ...
You also get Rich cream at shakti specialities (080-25574750)and they door deliver too.

Mekala Ashokkumar said...

Thanks Ash and Sarita. will look into those stores for sure.

Pretty said...

Hi Mekala,

Any idea where you get Strawberry oil in Bangalore?


Mekala Ashokkumar said...

No idea Pretty!

Miriam said...

Hi desperate for Easter molds. where in bangalore do you find them. PLS PLS PLS PLS HELP!

Jayashree said...

Where can I get Easter Egg moulds in Bangalore.......

Jayashree said...

Please let me know where I can get Easter Egg moulds in Bangalore

Mekala Ashokkumar said...

You can get the Easter egg molds at RB Magharam foods, Peenya.

reena said...


Any idea where I can find dark and light muscovado sugar in bangalore???

Mekala Ashokkumar said...

Hi Reena , I think I have seen muscavado sugar in Nilgiris, Brigade Road.

Vidya said...

Hi. How many volts is your kitchen aid? I am planning to get one from the US and was wondering if that would work in India.

Mekala Ashokkumar said...

Hi Vidya,
Mine is 220v. The US motor will not work here. In case if you are planning to buy from US chk out this link
They have the 220v kitchen aids.
In India, nowadays you can get the Kenwood mixer. Lil costlier, but their features seems very good. Chk that out too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mekala,

Great going with your blog, I love it! Very convenient and helpful! I have one question: do you know where I can get Kosher salt in Bangalore? And if not, is there a substitute I can use for it?? Let me know soon. Thanks! :)

Anu said...

Hi Mekala,
Loved yo blog,and would wait for another one...
Mek, plz lemme know, where i can find Gum Tragacanth(tex), or if i can use any substitute fo it. I wish i could practically take baking lessons from you, if u have any ideas like this, plz lemme know. I'm Anu. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mekala
A big thanks for all the information. One product that I find hard to get in bangalore is 'sparkles' and pearl dust. Any idea where to find them? I did check the Bakers Baazaar link that you had given but unfortunately not much choices there :(
I was looking for pink sparkles and pearl dust for my kids bday cake!

Mekala Ashokkumar said...

Sorry for the late reply.. Was out on Vacation!
Kosher Salt - I haven't seen so far here in Bangalore. But it is available at Crawfords Market, Mumbai. Very costly! You can substitute the same with sea salt, but use little lesser than wat the recipe asks for or substitute with equal amt of table salt.
@Anu, Thanks! Gum Tragancanth is available at IBCA, Bangalore. You can enquire at Genereal food additives as they also carry most of the baking supplies.
Also pls send your mail id to I might take a baking class in near future. Will send u details in case if I take one! :)

@ Surya, R. B. Mangharam foods carry something called Glitter dust. You can check with them or you can order it from CCDC, New Delhi. They carry all the products.

Padmini said...

hey Mekala! very interesting read and a useful one too :) I need some help from you. I am planning to start bakery classes from home catering to max 3 students per class. Needed your help in choosing an oven. Would you be able to tell me how should I be choosing the oven and where can I buy it from?

Mekala Ashokkumar said...

Hi Padmini,

Sometimes it would be okay to have a microwave with convection mode. But other times u might want to have an OTG oven. It all depends on what you are gonna teach in the class.

Anonymous said...

Hi...I just happened to come across your blog and I must say I found it very fact I quickly sent across the link to my friend who is a resident of you happen to have a similar article on suppliers in Mumbai???

Mekala Ashokkumar said...

I hope this helps

sonal said...

hi mekala .... u have provided great information thanks..... i m plannin on startin my own chocolate business from home.... n i was looking for chocolate thermometer.... do u know where can i find one in bangalore??? also what is ccdc new delhi, u mentioned it.....??

mobie kitherian said...

mekala..i am looking for readymade fondant birds animals flowers there any place i can find them here in bangalore or else do you do them.....

Mekala Ashokkumar said...

Hi Sonal,

Check for all chocolate realted things. Its not CCDC, its CCDS(Culniary and Cake Decorating School). My mistake! They are located in Delhi.

@Mobile Kitchen, I do make them. Please give me a call! :)

Mekala Ashokkumar said...

Hi Mobie,

IBCA has some readymade animals. I too make them. Contact me in you need any.

Aarti said...

Thom's Bakery in Frazer Town has Sour Cream with Chives (nice dip really)...Not in bulk ofcourse...

Food Hall (1 MG Rd Mall) has got several varieties of cheese... They sell it fresh and in bulk. This is an amazing place really!

Please let me know where I can get Puff pastry. Haven't found a place for that yet!

Anonymous said...

Hi very interesting and helpful article but do u have any idea abt all this in Mumbai?

Anonymous said...

hey Vidya,
just in case you haven't got the stand mixer yet.
the below link is to the KitchenAid distributors in India and you would not need to get it yourself plus get warranty:

also you can get it currently for approx. Rs21150/- at Rediff:


Anonymous said...


Any idea where we would get double cream in bangalore? I have been looking in so many places and couldn't find it...could you please help me?

Anonymous said...


really nice blog and very useful info! I guess this is an old post, so you probably dont need this info but 2 places u could try for sour cream/cream cheese - 1. Fat Chef at Whitefield 2.

durga dilip said...

Hi Meghalaya,
Feeling good about you you are making things easier for beginners searching ingredients for every thing.

Indrani Ghosh said...

This such a fantastic blog! Wonder if you know where I can source some cupcake boxes ... you know the sort with an insert so that the cupcake doesn't move and the icing doesn't get ruined.

Mekala Ashokkumar said...

Hi Aarti,

You can get puff pastry at 5th Ave, Brigade Road.

So far, I haven't found double cream here in Bangalore. Heard its available in Mumbai.
For Mumbai stores, please look into my previous comment on purplefoodie's blog.
Thanks Durga and Indrani.
@Indrani U can get the cupcake packing boxes at IBCA.

Nikhil Mysore( said...

Superb post Mekhala. I was searching for lot of stuff. Thanks for sharing all the info

Anonymous said...

Any idea where to find pie crusts in Bangalore?

Mekala Ashokkumar said...

Thanks Nikhil!
@Anonymous - U can make your own pie crust. Its not so hard. U can google for good recipes.

Anonymous said...

Where can I buy a kitchenaid stab mixer in India

Anonymous said...

Sorry a stand mixer in India

Anonymous said...

hi! i wanted to know where do you get piping tubes or piping tips to give different shapes for your icing. i looked almost everywhere in bangalore can someone please help me out! PLEASE!

Anonymous said...

Great info.... Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mekala, Your cakes look fantastic. you must be into baking for a long time now. really impressive. what else do you bake?. i love baking cookies. we moved from the US and have been her for the last 4 months. wondering where can i buy brown sugar?.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mekala, Your cakes look fantastic. you must be into baking for a long time now. really impressive. what else do you bake?. i love baking cookies. we moved from the US and have been her for the last 4 months. wondering where can i buy brown sugar?.

Errick Webb said...

Hi, How much would a kitchen aid cost in blore? tia!

Abi's Kitchen!! said...

Hi all.. Can someone Pls let me know if i can find Disposible Aluminium foil Cupcake liners in Bangalore

Abi's Kitchen!! said...

Hi all.. Does any one knows where can i find Aluminium Foil Cupcake liners in Bangalore?

Anonymous said...

hi, just want to know if the marshmallow in forum mall is white? very much appreciate your blog. Thank you

Mekala Ashokkumar said...

Regarding stand mixer and piping nozzles, read above article.
@Anonymous : Thanks! :) I do bake cookies as well. I try out new recipes now n then when I find time. Brown sugar can be found at Nilgiris. I believe I mentioned that in the article.
@Abi's Kitchen, Pls call IBCA or General Food additives and check with them.

Regarding marshmallows, its been more than a year since I visited the store in Forum. They had white. Not sure if they still carry them.

Anonymous said...


just wondering where i can buy small pack of food coloring paste? thank you

Anonymous said...

hi. was in bangalore for just a few days and cannot thank you enough for such a rescourceful blog. happy baking to u :)

pooh!!! said...


I am looking for a stand mixer and supe confused... cn u help which one is good??? i have my aunt coming from usa can get from their too


Mekala Ashokkumar said...

What kind of food color paste are u looking for(imported or Indian) ones?
@Poonam - I love my Kitchen Aid and so does most of the other Kitchen Aid owners.Cusinart and Hamilton Beach are also good. Google for reviews and you can choose one for yourself! Happy Baking! :)

Ashwini R. said...

Hi Mekala, I heard the owner of Baker's Needs is about to discontinue most of his products. I wish bakers who get supplies from him can talk him out of doing so. He is a boon to most north and east Bangloreans. I hope he continues supplying stuff :(

Anonymous said...

imported or indian food coloring paste is fine. and where i can get glycerine online? i already checked in bakersmart but in their site glycerin is not available. thank you so much

Farzana Passionate baking said...

Hi All,Please have a look at for all baking /icing /decorating accessories.
We courier to any where in India

Tejaswini said...

This info is great! I was hunting for good baking products and this is like a one stop! :) :)
I need further help, can u give me a substitute for self raising flour or how we can make it from maida please

Mekala Ashokkumar said...

@Ashwini, As a baker I feel bad that the owner has to close the shop as there are very few reliable places here in Blore. Wish he cud continue.

@Anonymous, Edible food colors and glycerin are available with CCDS. U can enquire with them.

@Tejaswini, Thank you!
For all baking ingredient substitutes chk

Anonymous said...

hi all, I am 25y old male currently working in a s/w firm. I hate my job, my passion is baking cakes. I want 2 b a pastry chef so one day i could open my own cake shop. My family supports me but thinks i will not make enough money(anthough no one is depended on me). I am very aware that it is hardworking and physically demanding job but i know i will b happy n love what i do. So do you think i should go ahead ? Any views sugg ?

Noor Rafi said...

Edible food colours(gel colours,Glycerine and corn starch( liquid Glucose available at Gourmet Supplies-Richmond Town

Jisha said...

Thanks a ton for the information. I have been importing fondant,cutters etc for past 3 years now. This looks easily available as well cheap compared to importing items. Hope they have quality products as well. I cant wait to reach this shop :)

sathya said...

Hi This is sathya,I read all ur resourceful blog.thank u. So much 4 sharing.I stay in padmanabhnagar in blore.can u pls help me ,the nearest shop to collect the baking product Luis cookies cutter? Thank u.

Archna said...

Very resourceful post. Could you please let me know where to look for unbleached all purpose flour in Bangalore?


sharmilabaskar said...

Lovely site. I am wondering how I missed this since now. Very useful information. Thanks a bunch for sharing this information.

Ayesha Husna said...


lovely blog. Please guide me as to where I can find a 2 or 3 tier cupcake stand with a glass dome.

Thanks in advance.

Divya Reddy said...

Hi thank u so much for all the information...i just wanted to ask u if u knw where we can get heavy cream in bangalore, i want to make ice cream at home but most of the recipes calls for heavy cream and i could not find it it fine to use amul fresh cream?? pls reply it would be of great help...i have asked a frnd who is coming frm USA to get me a cuisinart ice cream maker and i will be very disappointed if i cant find that cream :(

Anonymous said...

My twins first birthday is coming up in a month and I want to buy coloured fondant as the theme is rainbow! Where other than baking institute can I buy it from? Pls help....I'd be very grateful!

Anonymous said...

At food hall in No 1 MG.

Thomas Elam said...

Great research! What about a first class processor (Cuisinart, most probably)? I think is the only way for us to be sure to get a consistently (well, since Cuisinart was forced to buck up after KitchenAid started competing with them) top-rated food processor.

Anonymous said...

Hi, thank you so much for this info.

Could you please let me know where I can buy puff pastry or filo pastry on Bangalore?

Anonymous said...

can you tell me where i can buy the cutters to make flowers. i specialize on porcelain flowers, but its the same cutters for gum paste flowers, i need a few new ones and my roller just got broken. Param 9980831128, would luv some information please.

Dhathri Aneesh said...

I would like to learn baking cakes in banglore were do i go?

Dhathri Aneesh said...

Were do i learn to bake cakes in b'lore?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mekala, I will be relocating to India in a months time. I want to get stand mixer as I love baking. Do we getit in India or do I have to get it from here. Would appritiate a reply.Can u please reply to my mail id Thanks Rekha

findlocales said...

Very useful blog. useful informations are available. thanks for sharing

Printing Services in Basavanagudi

Rani said...

Thank You soo much for taking the pains of listing down all these info...Really appreciate your commitment in sharing all the tips and tricks...!!

Mekala Ashokkumar said...

Its been long time since I replied to the questions. I apologize. I will try to to answer everyone!
@Rani, findlocales, sharmilabaskar - Thanks! :)

@ Anonymous - KitchenAid is now available in India. So is Kenwood. Don't bother abt getting one frm US and worry abt voltages!

@Dhathri - U can learn from certain bakers who teach frm home, and certain institutes like Lavonne, IBCA!

@ Anonymous regarding cutters - most of the above mentioned stores carry flower cutters

Filo pastry can be bought at 5th Ave, Brigade road

Regarding where to buy fondant - Pls chk the blog

@Divya Reddy - So far i haven't found heavy cream in Bangalore. Nilgris, Spar and Total(sometimes) carry whipped cream which can be substituted.

@ Ayesha Husna - please try Passionate baking

@Archana - Not sure where to get unbleached all purpose flour. Try General Food Additives

@Sathya - Sorry, i can't help you much since i do not know that area!

kowsalya vasudevan said...

hey Mekala, i possibly cant thank you enough. love u so much for this blog. i was googling for baking items from past so many days... thank u so much for this... i wanted to learn baking cakes from a long time... u made easy for me in getting the ingredients... :)

Srividhya Yohan said...

Hi Mekala,

Where do you get Kitchenaid standmixers/Cuisnart standmixers here in bangalore i need to get one of them, i'm not talking online. any showroom you know i could visit pls help


Srividhya Yohan said...

I'm looking for a culinary /baking classes in bangalore , could you recommend any ?? i stay near Banaswadi

Anonymous said...

hi Mekala
ur blog is just gr8...thanks was very helpful
can you plz tell me where can i get marzipan in bangalore..

Anonymous said...

And i forgot to mention... if in future you plan to take baking classes plz let know..:)

Neeraja said...

This is so awesome!! Thanks for compiling the list! And Mehkala - any idea on where I can get puff-pastry sheets like the pepperidge farm sheets that we used to get in the US? Your help is much appreciated!

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

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Mohammed Sabih said...

Hi Mekala, loads of thanks for dis amazing post...

I Need a Candy thermometer !! Can u tell me a few places n Approximate prices If ya can...!!!

Thanx Again!! :)

Annie said...

Thank you for putting up this list, it is a big help for people like me :)

Neha Agarwal said...

Can rich cream be the substitute for butter icing in cake lolipops??
Waiting for your reply:)


prasanth said...

hi, i came from Canada and looking for equipments for sugar art. do you have any information regarding this?

occhidelfino said...

Hi ashok,
would you know where i can find wafer cuos/ balls to make fererro roccher??

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am Sureshkumar, I have recently opened an essence mart called Lakshica Traders on CMH Road Lakshmipuram Ulsoor below Mutooth Fincorp. I recently had a customer who was looking for whipping cream spray which I am unable to procure. Kindly help me.....

Dr. Gauri Kekre said...

I got lots of information that i was looking for from your post. Thanks Mekala, you made my life a little easier :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi . I am a home baker. I visited Lakshica traders at cmh rd b'lore
I could get everything what I wanted . Also it made my life easy , that is travel all the way to the market. Many shops to shop . Come back and my day was done.
Thanks Mr Suresh
Ur shop is a gr8 .

Anonymous said...

Hey Mekala,

Thanks for compiling the list and stores..Amazing..didn't realize most of the things were available here.

Mekala Ashokkumar said...

Thank you everyone!

Anonymous said...

Woww... What a valuable information! Should appreciate all your effort Ashok. Best of all, thanks for sharing all the necessary info.

Thanks a ton!
Have a grt day :)

cherry said...

Hi Mekala,

Thanks a lot for sharing so much necessary info.

I am planning to make a 4 or 5 tiered cake for my uncle's b'day, but the only problem is how would I transport it to the actual venue? We know the condition of roads in Blore, right? Do u have any tips? If so, plz share.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Another shop to check out is Supermarket in Fifth Avenue on Brigade Road. They have a lot of baking ingredients including Richs whipping cream, flavoured essences/oils, liquid glucose etc. For bakeware, try

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Naveen Sajjan said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mekala,
Amazing work! Your work is just so clean & loved all the cakes on your site/blog/facebook page.

I am a beginner in home baking. So interested in cake art. Could you please suggest an institute or a course for the same. Will one or two day course help me in the long run???

Please please help!!


Recipes from pratibha kitchen said...


Where can we found Puff pastry sheets and canapes in bangalore

Anonymous said...

Hi mekala,
Thanks for the information it's very helpful. You mentioned the Kenwood kmix stand mixer could you please let me know where I can get it in bangalore and it's price.

sumathi mahesh said...

kenwood mixer is available at excel traders on dispensary road parallel to commercial street

Robb Stark said...

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chanish said...

Dear all,

For those of you who are looking for non dairy whip topping cream in Bangalore, pls contact me on my mobile 9886193015. Supplies can be made in 1 kg packs

Aaryan Lehan said...

For me friday has always been a chocolate day. I always make chocolate tarts and pies on friday. Also buy chocolate moulds online.

incognito.immaculate said...

Thanks a bunch!! This is extremely helpful.. I'm trying my hand at baking and was looking helter skleter for a few of the ingredients... :)

incognito.immaculate said...

Thanks a bunch!! This is extremely helpful.. I'm trying my hand at baking and was looking helter skleter for a few of the ingredients... :)

Gauthami Shanker said...

Okay so all of you people who love baking and are in bangalore..
Good news is that Bakers needs kamanahalli is taken over and they have almost all you need for baking from ingredients to chocolate moulds silicon products and fondant too ..

Anonymous said...

Dude, you're awesome! You've helped me a lot! Thanks a lot and keep up the good work. Cheers!

Anuj said...

This is very useful information shared here. Thank you for sharing it.

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Buy cakes online said...

Amazing information.. Thanks for sharing.

Buy cakes online said...

Amazing information.. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Where can I get pastry flour, silver almonds and dried cranberries in bangalore

Rental Wala said...

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Sachin said...

Very useful information. Thank you for sharing it. Thanks

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I just visited and found some very useful info.
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Thank you.
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Ayesha Khanna said...

CCDS has opened an outlet last year on Cunningham Road. The store has more than 22 brands of cake decorating and baking supplies from around the world. Must visit for any baker :)

Geeta Rasiwasia said...

Hi I am Geeta here.....was searching for some baking item and stumbled upon your blog. Hey you have given a very good gist of places to visit for the baking and choc making stuff. Thanks for this comprehensive list.

Akram Khan said...

Mr.Ashok missed , they provide all the chocolates with fancy decorative boxes.

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Priya G S said...

Heyy...thank you very much for such an informative and helpful post.

Alisha said...

Hi.... I tried searching for muscovado sugar in nilgiris. Also searched in foodhall and godrej nature's basket. But didn't find any. Any other place you could suggest?

Geeta Rasiwasia said...

I just hit on this web page and am I not liking it? Wonderful compilation!!! I too have a query.. where can I get vegetarian gelatin. Solar brand I believe. And :You have mentioned veg. royal icing somewhere. Does it give the same result at the egg one?

Ritika shah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tarika said...

Hi...where can I get Crisco veg shortening?

Tarika said...

Hi...where can I get Crisco veg shortening?

Rupal Sahu said...

Hi mekhla,
Can u plz tell me me what should be the ratio of water and whipping cream powder(i have bought from bakersmart mission road).
Try to revert earliest possible.

Mekala Ashokkumar said...

@ Rupal I haven't used whipping cream powder. So, no idea! I am sorry!

@ Tarika - Crisco is not available in India
Instead go for veg shortening available at bakery supplies store

@Geeta - Thank you!
Veg Gelatin or Agar Agar is available at General Food Additives
China Grass another replacement is available at most Supermarkets

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Cake Decorating Tools said...

Thanks for sharing huge list of store, will look into those stores for sure. :)

Geethu Chembra said...

Hi Mekala,

Please advice on callebaut Chocolates? Is it same that of Berry Callebaut & can you also advice where can I buy them ? I checked bakersmart & also few baking supply store like Pure kitchen Kraft , Baker's Nest etc..
Thanks much in advance.

Best Regards,

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Chandana said...

Love your information... Much needed thanks a lot �� and yes I know the pain of googling for things and end up with some random crap ... ��

Chandana said...

Love your information... Much needed thanks a lot �� and yes I know the pain of googling for things and end up with some random crap ... ��

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Mekala Ashokkumar said...


Barry Callebaut is available at Arife Lamoulde

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kumar said...

where in Bangalore I can get Bread Flour?

Isha Gourmet said...

We have puff sheet and butter croissants sheet. Also pasteurized liquid egg white, yolk and whole. Please contact Gayathri @ 9902803831

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Stacy T. Gilley said...

Amazing information.. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Thank you for this information. It's very helpful. I wanted to know where can I find puff pastry sheets in Bangalore?

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